Britt Levy, VMD, DACVD

After growing up in a household with family members affected by skin disease and owning an allergic dog herself, Dr. Levy was inspired to pursue a career in veterinary dermatology.

She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Levy continued her education with specialty internships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and BluePearl Michigan and completed her residency in Veterinary Dermatology at North Carolina State University.

Dr. Levy’s passion for client education drives her approach to help clients understand the whys behind their pets’ symptoms and learn what’s essential in treating them.

Dr. Levy loves how dermatology allows for creativity in finding solutions for both the pet and the owner despite any challenges. If one thing doesn’t work, there are other ways to approach something.

Dr. Levy shares her household with her husband, 2 cats and 2 pugs.

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